The Family

Emilio got married to Anna-Maria in 1988, who emigrated from Bologna, Italy to Bussels, Belgium. Being foodies and travellers, Emilio developed a taste for cuisine from every Italian Region but also infused his favorites worldwide ingredients in his own creations. Every single of his creations since 1988 has been a festival for every customer's pallet. The Santucci Family has been successfully running this amazing restaurant ever since and earned their reputation to this day. The reputation brings our costumers back from afar for our authentic cuisine and atmosphere.

Emilio & Anna raised their family of three children, giving the education of great food experience from around the world. Two of their children, Selena & Eugenio Santucci, decided to follow the family walk in the hospitality industry. Selena is a university graduate in hotel management. Eugenio worked in restaurants in Brussels to realize his own and different experiences in culinary arts. Even the youngest son, Davide, attended 3 years of bakery and pastry school. Gianluca (Selena's husband) got his degree as traditional and handmade Italian Gelato maker and Belgian Chocolatier. He now manages the restaurant with his wife. Gianluca and Selena met in 2008. They soon fell in love and travelled the world together. After living in Australia for a year, they settled in West Palm Beach and helped start the second family restaurant. Food is more than passion for this family. 


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1st Place, Maestro Del Ma - Sept 9, 2014

Perfect Inspection Score - May 18, 2017

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence - 2017

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